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3 Reasons a Heat Pump Makes for a Good AC Replacement


Because investing in a new air conditioning system is a pretty major expense, and because investing in the wrong AC system is such a major mistake, it only makes sense for homeowners to consider all available options before replacing their systems. One option that every homeowner is wise to consider is the heat pump. Are they right for everyone? Well, no—no air conditioner is right for everyone. For many, however, the heat pump is ideal.

What makes the heat pump such a great AC replacement? That is the focus of today’s post. We’re going to explore the benefits of using a heat pump, as well as a bit about how heat pumps actually work. As always, we are the HVAC contractor in White Plains, NY, to trust with any questions that may come up. Our clients know they’ll have the right systems in place when they work with the pros on our team.

They Are Effective

When homeowners encounter new technology, it is not uncommon for them to have a bit of healthy skepticism about it. In the case of air conditioning systems that they may not be familiar with, homeowners may question whether or not the system is really all that great at cooling homes. Fortunately, a heat pump is every bit as good at cooling homes as a more traditional central AC. In fact, they work pretty much the same.

Like a central AC, a heat pump removes heat from the air in the home by evaporating refrigerant in the indoor coil. That refrigerant then goes outside, where it is condensed, releasing its heat. The cooled air in the house is then distributed throughout the home via air ducts.

So if the heat pump really works just as effectively as a central AC, then why choose a heat pump over a central air conditioner in the first place?

They Are Versatile

Heat pumps are not just air conditioning systems. Heat pumps have a component that central air conditioners do not. This component is called the reversing valve. That valve allows the heat pump to reverse the direction in which its refrigerant cycles through the system. The two coils swap functions, and the outdoor coil is now evaporating refrigerant to draw heat out of the air outside. The indoor coil then condenses that refrigerant, which is compressed following evaporation to boost thermal energy, and its heat is used to warm the air for distribution throughout the house.

Being able to heat one’s home with the same system that one cools the house with in the summer is obviously a huge benefit of the heat pump. However, that versatility is not the only benefit associated with the heat pump’s heating mode.

They Are Very Efficient

Because a heat pump transfers heat from the air outside into the living space in order to heat a home, the system uses very little energy in its operation. It doesn’t require the generation of new heat, and it doesn’t burn fuel or use electric resistance to satisfy that requirement. This method of heat transfer makes for an incredibly efficient and affordable home heating experience.

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