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What to Expect from Older Heaters

The brutal winters in Bronx, NY means that household heating systems get put to the test year after year. Most heating systems are designed to last—and regular maintenance from a professional service can help extend their lifespan in many cases—but the older they get, the more that wear and tear starts to affect them. The more a homeowner can do to mitigate that, the better, but time eventually takes its toll no matter what. It’s unrealistic to assume that a 15-year-old heater will function as effectively as it did when it was first installed. As heating systems age, homeowners should expect its performance to change:

1. Higher Bills

Reduced efficiency means that the heater will take longer and use more energy to provide the same service, which translates to higher monthly bills as time goes on. Repairs and regular maintenance can curtail this process, but the slow creep upward is inevitable.

2. More Frequent Repairs

Repairs tend to take place more frequently as a heating system ages, and while a given system may have once gone years between breakdowns, older units may suffer problems with increasing frequency. The question becomes when the number of repairs grows large enough to necessitate replacing the unit, and when the cost of one single repair becomes more than the unit is worth.

3. Lower Efficiency

Lower efficiency means more than just higher costs. The heater won’t generate as much heat, leaving the house feeling cooler for longer. Trouble areas are apt to crop up too, such as cold spots or uneven heating in different rooms. Individual symptoms can be addressed with upgrades or repairs in some cases, but problems won’t permanently depart until a new heater is installed and the old one removed.

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