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Watch for Signs of Boiler Trouble

Fall officially arrives in Westchester, NY this week, which means cool weather won’t be far behind. Homeowners in the area will begin preparing their heaters for the winter, and for many households, that means examining boiler systems for signs of trouble. Boilers are an efficient and reliable technology, but like any form of technology, they can experience wear and tear as they age. Prudent homeowners can examine their boilers for signs of trouble, then summon a repair technician to deal with the issue before the weather becomes sufficiently cold to demand daily use from the system. Such signs can include (but are not limited to) the following:


Leaks can occur anywhere within the system, wherever fittings become worn or the pipes themselves have become corroded. In the most overt cases, a leak can be spotted by looking for wet patches along nearby walls or floors. Pinhole leaks don’t always reveal themselves in such a manner, but can be marked by periodically checking the system’s pressure gauge for any drops in water pressure.

Unusual Noises

An unusual noise constitutes any sound not normally associated with the boiler’s function. It can include whines, groans, hums, drips, and even clanging sounds in some cases. Causes range from clogs to unusual changes in water pressure to specific problems with the pump or other key components.

Higher Bills

In some cases, the boiler may not show any overt signs of trouble, but a lingering problem with a worn component can force the system to consume more energy to do its job. This can result in an unexpected spike in monthly bills, which can be detected by monitoring heating usage and noting when bills suddenly go up.

Yost and Campbell Heating, Cooling and Generators provides quality maintenance and repair service for boilers and other types of heating systems.

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