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There Are Two Different Types of Air Filters

Well, technically there are many different types of air filters. It all depends on how people categorize them or the specific spaces that need to be filtered. For example, a hospital’s surgery wing will use a much different type of air filtration system than a home. This is why we want to make sure that homeowners are getting all the information they need for when their air filter gets installed. Information means power, and we know that our customers will do much better when they know what types of air filters are out there.

In this particular case, we’re going to focus on two main types of air filters when it comes to our own HVAC services in Eastchester, NY. There are portable air filters that can be situated throughout a home. These can be cheap and nifty systems that are easy to find. Then there are whole-home air filters that need to be installed by a professional. We’ll talk about which system is perfect for a home’s particular needs.

The Pros and Cons of Portable Air Filters

First, let’s talk about portable air filters. These systems can sometimes be seen as individual units that stand in the middle of a room or hallway, while some products are mounted and more out of the way. Regardless of what type it is, it’s usually going to be a portable air filter.

These systems are great for filtering out some contaminants from a certain room or space on a budget. For those who own apartments or extremely small homes, a portable air filter might be all that’s necessary. Likewise, for homeowners who are on an extremely tight budget and who might not be able to afford a whole home filter, these systems are the next best thing.

When customers call our team, we can help point them in the right direction to reputable brands that will quickly and efficiently clean their air. These systems don’t necessarily need professional installation, so customers can decide for themselves what kind of low-cost system they might need.

Comprehensive Whole-Home Filters

There’s a good reason why companies like us install whole-home air filters and not portable ones. For cleaning the air of an entire home, or providing homeowners with a more effective and sustainable method of air filtration, homeowners require larger and more complex systems.

While whole-home air filters are usually more expensive and more intense than their portable counterparts, they’ll also provide a much bigger difference in comfort and quality than portable systems. They treat all the air of the home, while also working behind the scenes in a house’s air ducts so homeowners don’t even have to know they’re there. They also don’t make any sound and tend to be more efficient than multiple portable systems set up for different rooms.

Our Team Can Help

For homeowners who need our help, whether they’ve got a slight issue with one room’s air quality, or their whole house feels stuffy and dirty, we can help install the system that’s going to make the biggest difference for the lowest cost.

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