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Tips to Get Through a Tri-State Area Heatwave

It’s summertime in New York, which means scorching hot temperatures, unbearable humidity, and indoor air quality events that make leaving a window open a bad option. Customers all across the tri-state area are trying every method in the book for staying cool, comfortable and safe. We understand, and our team is hard at work helping everyone who calls us.

Some folks are lucky with powerful, brand-new AC units that can keep an entire home cool. Others are busy dealing with shoddy window ACs, or central systems that need serious AC repair in Westchester, NY. Everyone is in a different situation, but there’s no reason why we all can’t be comfortable and safe.

This blog is dedicated to a few tips and tricks to help get through a New York heatwave in a way that doesn’t ruin the budget or make customers do too much.

1. Invest in Preventative Maintenance

First things first, it’s important to make sure an air conditioner is ready for the heatwaves ahead. This can be achieved with regular maintenance or with AC repair, if the system has a problem that needs to be addressed. Both of these services can be scheduled early and function as preventative as to avoid a shutdown or emergency on the hottest day of the year.

2. Set the Thermostat Correctly

Homeowners should make sure to set their thermostat to the upper 70s or higher on hot days, in order to ensure that the air conditioner isn’t working too hard to keep things cool. The low 60s might feel nice, but that’s not a sustainable temperature for the HVAC system.

3. Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink several cups of water each day to ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle. Water is necessary for sweating, which is how human beings naturally cool down.

4. Insulate Spaces

With indoor air quality issues on the rise in our area, it makes sense that customers are relying on air conditioning to stay cool. But an AC is only going to work efficiently if it is insulated. Keep doors and windows closed while running the AC, so the cool air is contained easily within the boundaries of the house.

5. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t always an alternative to AC: sometimes they can help an air conditioner work better. A ceiling fan can help circulate cooled air throughout a house, allowing an air conditioner to do a better job at keeping things cool and comfortable.

6. Dress in Loose-Fitting Clothing

High fashion is a huge industry in New York, but it needs to be sensible with the season. Loose, thin clothing is a great idea during the hottest days of the year because of how easy it is to remain cool while wearing them. T-shirts, shorts, and even bathing suits are great for allowing sweat to evaporate.

7. Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight not only has the ability to burn skin with UV rays, but it also increases the temperature dramatically. Sometimes, the difference between a shaded area and a sunlit area can be enormous on a hot summer’s day.

Use curtains and shades to keep sunlight out of the house so the temperature can remain cool.

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