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Stay Comfortable This Summer with a Dehumidifier!

Many homeowners stop after the purchase of an air conditioning system, thinking they’re in the clear. As long as the air cools to a temperature specified on the thermostat, everything should be perfectly comfortable right? Well, not exactly.

Temperature is only one side of a two-faced coin when it comes to home comfort. In order for an air conditioning system to function as well as it should, humidity should be taken into account. For homes that can’t quite get to that cooled down temperature, perhaps its time to look into the local White Plains HVAC company like ours for comprehensive dehumidifier support.

Dehumidifiers are incredible systems that can pull the excess moisture from the air, effectively lowering the temperature and making it easier for an air conditioner to function. Let’s take a look at why.

The Science Behind Dehumidification

During the summer, temperatures aren’t the only thing that will rise. Humidity also rises, which means the amount of water that exists in the atmosphere. Atmospheric moisture exists as water vapors, which means people are both breathing it in and living with water in the air every day. The problem with humidity is twofold—one is that it retains heat that comes from the sun, and two is that it makes it harder for people to cool down.

Heat Retention

Water has very high heat retention, which means it is exceptionally good at keeping and radiating heat. Why do so many homeowners choose to keep their homes warm in the winter using a boiler or radiant heating system? Water is an efficient method of heat transfer, of course!

However, in the summer, that’s a bad thing. An air conditioner that’s trying to keep a home cool is going to have to use more energy and struggle if it’s trying to cool air that’s too humid. All of the water vapor in the air retains some level of heat, and unless the water is taken out of the air, an air conditioner is going to have to work much harder.

It Feels Hotter Than It Is

When human beings get hot, they sweat. Perspiration is our unique way of cooling off our bodies because the water that comes from our pores when we sweat interacts with the air in the atmosphere to cool us off. It’s like putting a damp towel on someone’s head with a fan. That can dramatically decrease a person’s temperature! Eventually, that sweat evaporates and we feel cool, dry, and calm.

However, when humidity levels are high, our sweat has trouble evaporating to the point where everything can feel wet and sticky. Not only that, but even though a temperature might not seem that hot on a thermostat, it could feel a lot hotter to the human body when humidity levels are high. This is dangerous and can cause heatstroke in unsuspecting people who are not ready for the high humidity.

By investing in a dehumidifier, a homeowner can effectively decrease the humidity in the air and eliminate the problems we’ve mentioned. Don’t hesitate to make summers more enjoyable with a dehumidification system.

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