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Signs That You Need Heating System Maintenance

Fall has arrived in Pelham, NY, and winter weather will be here soon. Every day, the temperature gets a little bit colder, and residents will rely on their heating systems more and more in the coming weeks. We strongly recommend a heating maintenance session for any home in the area that has not scheduled one since the end of last heating season. The benefits of maintenance extend beyond the winter to the overall life of the heater. Most prudent homeowners can spot the signs that they need maintenance, and doing so now can pay big dividends this winter.

Signs of Trouble

A specific problem with a heating system needs a specific repair to address it. Maintenance, on the other hand, is designed to treat a lot of little problems before they add up to much bigger ones.

  • The first factor indicating a need for maintenance is time. If maintenance has not been conducted since last winter, it pays to set one up now, before December arrives and the weather really gets cold.
  • Performance is also a reliable indicator of a need for maintenance. If the system costs more to run than the homeowner expects, especially if the heater isn’t being used more often than normal and yet bills are rising regardless, maintenance may resolve the issue.
  • Finally, it could simply be that it is the right time of year, and the schedule indicates that maintenance is needed. When applied regularly, maintenance pays dividends over time, extending the life of the heater by months or even years as well as reducing the risk of a more serious repair issue in the future.

The professional services of Yost and Campbell Heating, Cooling and Generators are available to perform maintenance on a wide variety of heating systems. Contact us today!

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