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Modern Thermostats Provide Real Benefits

Thermostats have been a part of most homes for generations, and most of us have become accustomed to seeing them on the wall, quietly doing their job. They have few moving parts and can do their jobs for decades without needing replacement, making them a good investment for your money.

There’s one significant reason to exchange your older thermostat for a more modern one. Technological advances in the past few years have improved the available features modern thermostats immeasurably. If your thermostat is more than a decade old and running fine, congratulations! Having said that, it might pay to look into a more up-to-date model and the benefits it can provide. What kind of benefits? Read on for the answers.

(Note that if you have an older thermostat that still uses mercury, you should get it changed immediately regardless of your current needs. Mercury is toxic and has no place in any home. A trained professional can safely dispose of such a thermostat and replace it with a safer digital model.)

Wi-Fi Access

Most homes these days have a Wi-Fi signal to provide Internet access for home computers, cell phones and similar devices to keep us all connected. Modern thermostats can use the Wi-Fi signal in the home to take advantage of the worldwide web. Depending upon the model, that can mean a number of options:

  • Access Anywhere. By using an app on your phone, you can control the settings on your thermostat from anywhere in the world. That means programming it, turning it on and off, setting key times, and making adjustments on the fly regardless of where you are. That principle can provide local comfort and convenience as well. For example, if you’re in bed in the middle of the night and want to turn the air on, you don’t have to go downstairs to change it: just pick the phone up on the bed stand and go back to sleep.
  • Outdoor Conditions. Many Wi-Fi thermostats can monitor the immediate conditions outside your home, monitoring rises in heat, humidity, and similar factors. They can be programmed to make micro-adjustments to your air conditioning settings in response to changing conditions, helping the HVAC system respond more effectively to changes. That in turn, will help lower your monthly bills and reduce strain on the system to minimize the risk of a breakdown.
  • Email Alerts. Smart thermostats can send you a text or an email as well, letting you know when conditions are changing in your home. For example, if a young family member opens a window without realizing the impact on the air conditioner or someone brushes against the thermostat without realizing it, it will alert you to the problem immediately. This becomes particularly important if the air conditioner suffers a breakdown, allowing you to respond swiftly to the problem before it can negatively affect your home in your absence.

For top quality thermostat installation and replacement services in the Bronx, NY, call the friendly professionals at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators.

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