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3 Complicated Issues With Air Ducts

Homeowners can have a tough relationship with their air ducts. They’re certainly not the most exciting part of the HVAC system, but they’re necessary for almost any forced-air heating or cooling system, aside from ductless units. This is just a natural truth about our industry, so it’s important to view air ducts as a necessary component.

However, air ducts can run into their own problems which can be hard for homeowners to identify. Eventually, when left to their own devices, air ducts can fall into disrepair and become broken. This might make it impossible to feel the comfortable air coming from a brand-new heating system, or a state-of-the-art AC unit. That’s never a situation that anyone wants to be in, so we advise customers to read on and call our team for support

Let’s talk about three unique problems that can cause homeowners to call us for duct repair in Westchester County, NY.

Temperature Changes Ruin the Seal

Air ducts are in a tricky position when it comes to the comfort of a home. They’re in charge of transferring heated or cooled air from an HVAC system to the rest of a home, but that can lead to some drastic temperature changes in just a short amount of time. Think about all of the things in the world that expand or contract when temperatures shift. Air ducts are no different!

The sheet metal of most air duct systems expands when the temperature heats up, and contracts when things cool down. This can sometimes lead to some serious problems with the structural integrity of the system. Increasing the temperature from 4° to 68° in just a few minutes will cause the air ducts to shift, bend, and expand, sometimes causing small holes to appear or gaps where the two sheets of the metal meet.

This is a big problem that unfortunately is unavoidable. Over time, air ducts are just going to require repairs due to these issues, and the best way to deal with it is by calling a professional for repairs every once in a while.

Gaps, Leaks, Holes, and Tears

Sometimes gaps, leaks, holes, and tears can form in air ducts regardless of the temperature change. These systems sometimes hang in attics, or are hung up in closet spaces, so after about five years they can come a little lose and start losing their structural integrity.

Remember, any parts of an air duct system that are damaged are going to affect energy efficiency. An HVAC system is going to work harder to compensate for the lost air that doesn’t go where it should. Sometimes, getting air ducts repaired can be a great way to improve efficiency and keep a home in good shape.


Pests can also be a bad problem for air ducts. They can chew up and destroy parts of the air ducts, leading to large holes or gaps forming. And, because air ducts can be warm during the winter, they’re likely reluctant to leave. This is definitely a situation where homeowners will want to have a professional on hand to have this fixed appropriately.

Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for air duct repairs.

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