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The Importance of a Generator Upgrade

Generators are vital to our home safety and security. Without them, the brutal storms that often hit the tri-state area would be much more frustrating to deal with, and while our food spoiled and our electrical systems shut down, we’d be less safe as well. So, in order to understand just how vital automatic standby generators in Pelham, NY are, we need to talk about what we use these systems for and how it’s an improvement over other systems in the area.

An automatic standby generator is a huge improvement compared to portable generators or other types of electrical systems that are supposed to be reserved for emergencies. No other option is as convenient, efficient, and safe as this one—which is why we implore any homeowners who are in the market for a generator upgrade to keep reading.

The Benefits of an Automatic Standby Generator

Right now homeowners might be reading this as the owners of a portable generator or a powerful whole-home generator that isn’t a standby model, or one that doesn’t run on natural gas. If anyone out there is looking to see what the point of a generator upgrade is, down below we’ve listed a few of the best benefits that these systems provide.

  • Energy efficiency. It can be hard to think about energy efficiency when the power goes out and people are scared. It’s true, energy efficiency should be the least of anyone’s worries when a huge storm hits and blows out power, or when something goes wrong in the electrical grid. However, that doesn’t mean people need to use inefficient systems to keep the lights on in their homes. Automatic standby generators run on natural gas and are leagues more efficient than a portable system, or many other models. That means there won’t be a major dent in any homeowner’s budget when they use this machine.
  • Convenience. Homes that are set up with an automatic standby generator have the included convenience of a system that doesn’t need to be started by anyone. These systems can detect the change in electrical current, so when the power goes out, the generator turns on automatically! This is an easy way to turn a power outage into just another normal day.
  • Safety. Portable generators that run on gasoline can expel dangerous fumes that can be obnoxious when inhaled outside, and downright perilous when this type of system is kept inside. With an automatic standby generator, those problems can be things of the past since this system runs on natural gas far enough away from a home that any homeowner would barely notice.
  • A long-lasting solution. Automatic standby systems are built to last. That means they’re worth the investment. Sure, they ultimately cost more than a portable generator, or a model that doesn’t have the ability to function automatically, but this generator is built to keep a home functioning through storms and power outages that can always occur.

We get it, not every homeowner is ready to take the dive into such a comprehensive piece of equipment. But we promise, these systems are built for reliability and can be the difference between a terrifying power outage experience and an average day.

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