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What Exactly Is a Steam Boiler?

Steam might remind us of the old locomotives we see in western movies and museums. Or it might remind us of our humidifier and the pot of boiling water being used to cook pasta. But it doesn’t really make homeowners think of their boiler systems anymore, and that’s what we’re here to change.

Steam boilers are absolutely a thing and homeowners need to know that they not only exist, but they are a great option for heating a home. It’s not just some old-fashioned heating unit that is pretty much out of existence—quite the contrary! If anyone out there is interested in a new, high-efficiency, and durable heating system, then a steam boiler might be perfect.

It’s important to know who to call for boilers in Yonkers, NY. That’s where we come in. Stay tuned to learn about boilers and why we’re the team to work on them.

How They Work

Steam boilers work in the same way that anyone would imagine. The boiler tank heats up water to the point where it evaporates and becomes water vapor. This water vapor, which is now essentially a gas, travels through the pipes in a home providing heat to every room. Not only is this an efficient way of heating a home, but it produces radiant heat.

It’s really simple, and the elegant part of a steam boiler is that it’s usually much more affordable than a standard water boiler. While water boilers don’t have to heat up water as much and can be slightly more efficient, the cost might even out if homeowners are looking for a more affordable heater for their home.

Radiant Heat

We often talk about the benefits of radiant heat, but what does it actually feel like? Well, many homeowners believe it feels better than forced-air heating from a furnace or heat pump. That’s because heat is an excellent heat transfer material and the heat that it produces emanates through objects. Let us explain.

When the sun beats down on a home, it doesn’t just heat up the surface where the rays strike. The warmth of the sun goes through objects, heating entire buildings and homes on hot summer days. Steam boilers work in a similar way, where they don’t require ductwork or vents to provide hot air. Instead, the heat comes from water which can go through objects and sometimes warm homeowners more thoroughly.

Does anyone know that feeling when their furnace is on full blast but their toes are still chilly no matter how many layers they wear? Well, this can become a thing of the past with radiant heat.

They’re Worth It

Steam boilers, just like water boilers, are efficient, durable, and last well into old age. For homeowners that are looking for the most long-lasting, efficient, and effective heating systems on the market, a classic steam boiler can still do the trick. Our team provides fast and comprehensive steam boiler services for homeowners in Yonkers who need it.

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