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Today’s Big Heating System Tip

One thing we want to start doing is giving our customers tips whenever possible. Heating repairs in Bronx, NY are always going to cost money no matter what, but valuable information should always be free. If any of our customers are in the mood to learn about best practices, then we’re always going to be in the mood to give some veteran tips. Remember, knowledge is power!

This week we’d like to focus on a major component of every forced-air heating system in the tri-state area: the air filter. Air filters tend to be misconstrued as additional components to the system that help improve the air quality of a home. While they do help with air quality, that’s not their intended purpose. And any homeowner that goes out of their way to replace them every few months is going to be in good shape for the following reasons.

Changing the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the most integral components of a heating system. All of the air that gets heated in the system passes through the filter, allowing for all potential contaminants to get caught up and removed when the time comes. This is great because the internal components of a furnace or heat pump are sensitive, which can mean that they’re more likely to be damaged or worn down due to contaminants like dust, dirt, debris, pet dander, and volatile organic compounds.

Down below, we’ve mentioned three reasons why this component should be regularly changed, and why this is one of the best tips we can tell homeowners.

Better Airflow = Better Performance

A cleaned air filter is going to help the system achieve better performance. Remember, all of the air that reaches the system must pass through this air filter, so if it’s clogged, it’s going to have trouble getting inside of the system to be heated. This means that temperatures inside of a home can start to fluctuate and feel cold or uncomfortable. The heating system might be new, and the ductwork could be in great shape, but the air filter could be the difference between a cold house and a cozy one.

Improved Efficiency

High heating bills can be a sign of wear and tear, or that something is wrong. In the case of a clogged air filter, it could be both!

Changing out the air filter every 1–3 months would help allow for maximum airflow so the system can work as efficiently as possible. This means that the unit has to use less fuel or electricity to heat the home, minimizing the utility bills over time.

It’s Free!

The best part about this process is that it’s free! Normal heating system repairs provided by a professional will always cost something, but this kind of maintenance can be done at home by any well-informed homeowner. In fact, we encourage it.

The air filter is one of the only components that should get replaced by a homeowner and not a professional, based on how easy it is to access and how hard it is to actually break. Just remember to be gentle, ask for help if it’s needed, and turn the system off before this work is done.

Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for heating repairs or for help locating and replacing the air filter.

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