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Not Too Hot: The Perks of Moderate Heating

We know how good it feels to go inside after a cold winter’s day to a whirring heater that provides enough warmth for the whole family. Snuggling up in jammies with some hot cocoa or a warm bowl of soup can make anyone smile with delight as long as the heater is working properly. Homeowners tend to keep their heaters at a high temperature to re-enact this wondrous winter scene, but the heater might be running a bit too high if that’s the case.

We often talk about heaters running at 68°F as an optimal temperature, and homeowners scoff at that. While anyone might have different preferences, or people might want their home warmer than 68°F, anything higher than this is begging for some inefficient operation. We’re experts on Queens heating services, so we know what we’re talking about. If anyone is looking to use their heater more efficiently and effectively, then stay tuned while we talk about the importance of moderate heating temperatures.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Have any homeowners out there ever heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? To make a long story short, there are temperatures that are too hot, too cold, and some that are just right. The hard part of HVAC efficiency is finding those just right temperatures and making sure a home feels comfortable at all times. How can homeowners tell if their home is too warm or too cold? Let’s take a look.

How to Tell a Home Is Too Cold

This is an easy point to address. A home that’s too cold will chill anyone inside it to the bone. No matter how many blankets are used, sweatshirts are worn, or whatever the temperature is outside, it’s just freezing in the house. This can be a sign that a heater isn’t working properly and it needs to be repaired, or that the thermostat is too low and needs to be readjusted.

Any homes out there that feel “always cold” must be worked on by a professional. This is not normal and it shouldn’t be dealt with because it’s cheaper than a home with proper heating. Sometimes, a heater that can’t properly heat a home is actually costing more than a heater that is keeping a home warm.

How to Tell a Home Is Too Hot

Sometimes, especially here in the city, homes can be boiling hot from a heating system that’s working a little too well. While this might feel comfortable for some people, it’s usually siphoning money right from the pockets of those who are paying for the heating bill. Likewise, this probably isn’t good for the heating system, since it’s most likely stressing certain components to create too much heat.

Homes should be comfortable enough where people aren’t sweating and the temperature is barely noticeable. If people are constantly sweating, opening windows, and taking socks off during the winter, then it’s probably too warm.

When It’s “Just Right”

Energy.gov mentions an optimal indoor temperature as 68°F, with it going a little lower during the nighttime. This is a great place to start for homeowners who need a helping hand. Homeowners can adjust it according to the needs of their home, but be wary of subpar operation for a heater that’s working too hard or not at all.

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