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Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators Blog

It’s Time to Ditch the Portable Generator

Portable generators are great for specific uses. If anyone’s got an RV and they like to camp throughout the summer, for example, there’s no better system to use for that situation than a portable generator. They’re good for providing fast electricity while people are on the go, and they’re perfect for supplying energy when only a few appliances require it.

However, we need to be honest when talking about this topic. Most homeowners who use portable generators are not using them to go camping or for setting up events like weddings and reunions. These systems are being used as backup for power outages in normal residential settings, and in this type of situation, they’re just not worth the hassle.

Today, we’d like to discuss a few reasons why we think homeowners should make the switch from portable generators to automatic standby generators in Westchester County, NY.

Energy Consumption

First things first, let’s talk about the energy consumption cost of both generators and see which one comes out on top.

Portable generators can be fueled with gasoline purchased at a regular gas station. This can be an expensive source of energy, and gasoline doesn’t last forever. It will start to degrade over time and the ruined fuel could hurt the interior components of a generator, just like they would a car.

Standby generators don’t run on gasoline, it’s far too inefficient. These systems rely on natural gas that comes directly from the municipality. This fuel source is extremely efficient and is also less at risk of degrading and ruining the interior of the system.

It’s easy for homeowners to see a massive difference in energy efficiency from portable systems to standby generators.

Stability and Safety

Gasoline-powered portable generators are loud and obnoxious, but most importantly they’re unsafe. They produce hazardous fumes and always need to be run outdoors since they can be a fire hazard inside. This causes numerous health concerns every year and it’s why we think portable generators are only useful in outdoor or niche environments.

Automatic standby generators run, well, automatically, so homeowners never have to fuel them or be near them. They can be right outside of a home and send the power inside. This is easier and safer than having a portable generator.

Energize the Entire Home

The biggest change homeowners see, aside from safety and efficiency differences, is in output. Automatic standby generators have the power necessary to energize an entire home.

Nothing feels worse than having to choose which appliances get energy and which don’t. Sometimes that can lead to all the food in the fridge or freezer suddenly spoiling, ruining the budget and the planning of family meals.

With an automatic standby generator, this doesn’t have to happen. As long as it’s fitted for the size of a specific home, it can provide enough electrical power to energize all of the appliances that are required. Of course, this will require a cost, but as long as homeowners are willing to pay for the gas, it’s entirely possible!

Upgrade from a portable generator to an automatic standby system with the help of Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators.

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