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Generator Maintenance Services Keep Households Ready


Home generators often see use in the winter, when blizzards and similar phenomenon can result in power outages throughout the Northeast. A generator keeps the lights on, as well as ensuring that vital appliances such as refrigerators and heaters stay functional in the midst of a crisis.

Unfortunately, such crises don’t limit themselves to the winter months, and while civic electrical grids remain eminently reliable, Mother Nature always has the final word in such matters. Standby generators require regular maintenance to function properly, and only trained professionals can do the job as expected. With winter drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance session for a standby generator, helping it get ready for spring.

What It Entails

The specifics of generator maintenance can vary slightly, depending upon the make and model of the unit, but generally involves the following steps:

  • Electrical fittings will be checked and tightened if necessary, and frayed electrical wires will be replaced.
  • Fluids will be checked to ensure that they’re filled. This can include oil and coolant.
  • Vents and exhaust pipes will be checked to ensure that they’re clear of debris.
  • The unit and its surroundings will be cleaned of dust and dirt.
  • The battery and electrical systems will be tested to ensure that they work as intended.
  • For diesel generators, the fuel lines will be checked to ensure there are no leaks. For units powered by natural gas, the gas lines will be checked.
  • The entire generator will be checked for corrosion and rust.
  • The entire system will be run for 15 to 20 minutes and the technician will check to ensure that there are no burgeoning problems.

The Benefits

The obvious benefit to generator maintenance is that it helps keep the system in good shape and ready to go when needed. Most generators need to be put into use with very short notice, and few homeowners want to deal with potential issue in the days and hours leading up to a crisis.

Furthermore if repairs are needed, it gives the homeowner an early warning, allowing the problem to be addressed well before a crisis arises. By spotting potential repair issues early, the session also gives the homeowner a great deal of flexibility in scheduling those repairs: tailoring it to his or her own timetable, instead of forcing a scramble in the wake of a looming crisis.

But it goes beyond that. Quality maintenance helps the generator function more effectively than it might, allowing it to run for longer periods of time and cost the homeowner less to do so.

Perhaps most importantly, generators should be maintained on a regular basis to help keep them functioning at their best and ensuring that the homeowner gets the maximum amount of use out of them before they need to be replaced. A maintenance contract can ensure regular servicing to keep wear and tear down and to extend the system’s longevity for as long as possible.

Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators provides quality generator maintenance contracts in Scarsdale, NY.

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