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Alternate Types of Heating System

Winter means cold temperatures, and this year looks to be one of the coldest on record. A quality heating system is an absolute must for every household in the area. However, while many homes in the area use stand-by systems like forced-air furnaces and boilers, they’re not the only systems available. Few people consider such alternatives, but while furnaces and boilers are inexpensive and effective, they don’t always make a good fit for every home. An understanding of other options can be extremely helpful when the time comes to install a new heating system in the home.

Ductless Heating Systems

Furnaces often operate by using a system of ducts, which carry heated air from the furnace (and cool air from the air conditioner in the summer) into the various rooms of the home. The problem is that not every home can support such ducts, which require crawlspaces and similar architectural features to work.

Ductless heating systems get around all of this by establishing multiple smaller heating units in the home instead of one big one. Each unit is charged with heating a single room or section of the house, and each one can be adjusted or turned on independently of the others.

This provides two benefits:

  • It allows different household members to set temperatures to their liking in different parts of the home: eliminating family squabbles over the thermostat setting.
  • It allows homeowners to lower the heat in parts of the home they aren’t using–or even turn it off in some cases–while still running the heat in occupied sections of the home. That can save a great deal on monthly bills while cutting down on wear and tear tremendously.

Dual Fuel Systems

Dual fuel systems start with a heat pump, which runs according to the same principles as air conditioning. Refrigerant circulates through a series of valves and coils that first release heat outside the home, then cool the air inside the unit to be blown into the ducts. That process can be reversed in the winter with heat pumps: allowing hot air to be blown through the home instead of cold air. That can be remarkably effective, since the refrigerant that generates the heat isn’t consumed the way natural gas is.

The downside is that it can’t do the job quite as well when temperatures drop too far, which is why dual fuel systems have a second, smaller furnace to help on those especially chilly days. It saves money over regular furnaces, since at least some of the heat is being generated by the refrigerant (which is not consumed).

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems install warming coils beneath the floorboards of the home, which send gentle warmth up through the floor. This costs more to install, since the furnishings need to be moved and the floorboards taken away and then fitted back in place once the operation is complete. But it proves much more effective than forced-air furnaces, and it eliminates common problems such as drafts and cold spots.

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