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Are Duct Leaks the Cause of High Energy Bills?

ductsWhen you are looking for an HVAC company in Queens, you need to know that the individuals you’re hiring to do the job are going to do the job right. That doesn’t just mean fixing a problem. It means finding the root cause of the problem in the first place! Don’t settle for treating symptoms when our technicians are here to diagnose problems accurately and to resolve them completely.

One issue that homeowners often come to us with is high energy costs. If you notice that you’re having trouble cooling your home efficiently this summer, you may automatically assume that the problem lies with your air conditioner itself. That may not be the case, however. It could be the result of leaky ductwork! Before you go reaching for a roll of duct tape, let us tell you that you absolutely cannot fix this problem on your own—and certainly not with duct tape! Reach out to us for a job well done.

Are Duct Leaks That Serious?

We’re not saying that you are not going to be able to effectively cool your home if your air ducts are leaking. We are saying that you are going to wind up paying way more than you should have to in order to cool your home, though, and that you are going to do so with subpar results. If you think that’s a good deal, then we are on way different wavelengths. Leaking conditioned air into unconditioned spaces is not only a serious cause of inefficiency, but one of the most prevalent, as well.

What Causes Leaky Ducts?

There are a lot of reasons why your air ducts might start to leak. It is possible for ducts to corrode over time, for instance,  particularly if you have humidity issues in your home. They may have been damaged at the time of installation, too, or during renovations in your home. You might even have ducts that are just coming apart at the joints, though the duct itself is not really compromised. Again, we’re experienced professionals who will be able to pinpoint the source of the leak and inefficiency, so that we can resolve it completely.

What Do I Do About It?

Well, you call us. We can repair or replace your ductwork as needed to ensure that you are able to use your HVAC systems in the most efficient manner possible. Having trouble with high energy costs? Concerned about uneven heating or cooling throughout your home? Do you think that your air quality is slipping? All of these problems point toward an issue with your ductwork.

You obviously don’t want to go over every inch of your ductwork looking for leaks, and you wouldn’t be able to without destroying your walls and ceilings in the process. Plus, you don’t have the materials to seal or repair ducts effectively. As we said, you should actually never apply duct tape to ducts—it breaks down quickly, especially with varying temperatures.

Schedule your ductwork services with Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators.

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