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Westchester County: 914.668.6461

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Cooling a Home Completely: A Guide

Air conditioners are designed to cool a specific space. Window units cool a room or a section of a home, while central air conditioners and other high-powered systems cool an entire home. This is why the load calculation of a home is so important: it’s vital that a home be sized accordingly so the right air conditioner can be chosen for the job.

If there are any hiccups in this process, homeowners can start to notice some problems. If an AC isn’t sized correctly, there are problems with ductwork, or even if there’s just a unique situation that causes cooling to be inhibited, something needs to be done. Not only does our team specialize in high velocity AC in Westchester County, NY—proven to quickly and effectively cool an entire home or space—we also repair these systems and diagnose problems that might be getting worse.

How High Velocity AC Systems Cool Small Spaces Faster

It’s no secret that our area is home to many small houses and townhomes. These houses might be the perfect size for a family, or for people who don’t want too much space, but they can be tight quarters and make it hard for traditional AC systems to work properly.

Conventional central air conditioners require a series of large ductwork sections to send the cooled air throughout the home. But when things are as tight as they get in some of these homes, that’s just not possible.

With a high-velocity AC system, customers can get powerful cooling that goes through much smaller duct systems. This lets homeowners get the most out of their space while also having access to cool air. It’s time to ditch those window AC units that just can’t quite cool the entire home and call our team for a high velocity AC system.

Upgrade a Home With Zone Control

Sometimes, an AC upgrade isn’t enough. Whether a home has high ceilings, large windows that let in a lot of sunlight, or other specific circumstances, air conditioning can struggle on very hot days. If hot spots start to develop in specific areas, it might be worth investing in a zone control system.

Zone control units simply funnel the cool air specifically to where it’s needed using a series of dampers in the duct system. This helps to have a more even cooling throughout an entire home. For anyone who is tired of a cold living room but a hot kitchen, a zone control system can fix that and make both of them comfortable.

Call Our Team for Repairs

Investing in a new system or air conditioning unit might be an expensive way of dealing with this problem. For many homeowners, the reason why their home feels cooled to an uneven level stems from a problem in the unit itself.

Before anyone starts investing thousands of dollars into a new unit or system upgrade, we urge homeowners to get their system inspected for any issues. The solution could be a simple repair to improve the effectiveness of a cooling system, allowing more even cooling throughout the house.

Deal with the summer head-on by calling Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for AC solutions.

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