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3 Signs That an Old Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

air-conditioning-repairSpring has arrived, and summer will be along before too much longer. Households with older air conditioners would be well-advised to give theirs a close look and determine if it can reliably last through another summer. If it can, great. If not, then now is the right time to install a replacement air conditioner. Doing so lets you take advantage of improved efficiency and other benefits provided by a new system. But what signs indicate that a replacement may be necessary?

Three general symptoms merit mentioning. In and of themselves, they might not constitute a need for a replacement, but if two or more of them combine in a single unit, prudent homeowners will consider it grounds for installing a new system. These signs are as follows:

1. An Expired Warranty

The warranty covers the parts of the air conditioner for a given period of time, ensuring that repair costs stay down as long as it’s in effect. With regular maintenance and other steps, most air conditioners can last for months or even years after the warranty expires. But if the warranty has expired and either of the other two signs of trouble crop up, replacement may be the prudent option.

2. Multiple Repair Bills

Air conditioners wear out over time, and even the most meticulously cared-for units will succumb eventually. That means repair bills will become more and more frequent. Any system that experiences more than two breakdowns in a 12-month period might be a candidate for replacement, as are units that suffer only one breakdown but are looking at a prohibitively expensive repair to get them running again.

3. Higher Than Expected Monthly Costs

Similarly, the cost of running an air conditioner may steadily rise the older and older it gets: a sign of advancing age and multiple worn parts that just can’t do their job as effectively as they once did. Monthly costs will begin rising, to the point where they substantially interfere with the ability to keep a monthly budget. Replacement often means saving a great detail in high monthly energy costs, helping to offset the cost of the new unit over time.

Why Check Now?

Checking for replacement options now means that homeowners will be able to enjoy improved savings and efficiency sooner rather than later. But it also carries other advantages as well. If a replacement is needed, it gives the homeowner a few weeks of comparatively cool weather to schedule the operation, allowing it to take place more or less at leisure. Contrast that with trying to limp through the summer on a faulty unit and being forced to rush through a replacement at the height of a July heat wave. Finally, getting an old system running again after months of it sitting idle during the winter may be quite a task, and if a replacement is needed anyway, it can allow the homeowner to simply skip the efforts to revive the system.

For sound professional air conditioner replacement services in Pelham, NY, call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators and set up an appointment!

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