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AC Tip: Fresh Filters Needed!

Homeowners today have the luxury of living in complete comfort during even the hottest days of the year thanks to the many whole-house air conditioning options on the market. What too many homeowners fail to realize, however, is that even the best air conditioning systems can really under-deliver in certain circumstances. Scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep air conditioning systems working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

It is also the best way to keep the need for air conditioning repair in Queens, NY, at bay. One part of the equation that is sometimes overlooked is the need for changing the air filter regularly. Yes, the air filter will be changed during the system’s annual tune-up. No, changing that air filter once a year is not enough. It may not sound like that big of a deal, but a dirty air filter will really set any air conditioning system back in a substantial way.

What These Filters Are (And Are Not) Meant For

A common misconception among homeowners is that any air filter is intended to improve indoor air quality throughout the home in which it is installed. That’s not really the case. Yes, all air filters obviously filter air, and there are certainly many great air filtration systems that can boost indoor air quality throughout living spaces. However, these standard air filters in air conditioning (and forced-air heating) systems are not intended for this purpose.

Instead, the air filter in the air conditioner is there to protect that air conditioner itself from the risks that pollutants building up in the system can pose. When pollutants collect on the evaporator coil, for instance, they can form a barrier that inhibits the heat transfer process. That makes it more difficult for the AC to remove heat from the air in the property. Pollutants can also collect on sensitive electronic components, causing serious issues with controls.

Problems Caused by Dirty Filters

Unfortunately, having a very dirty air filter in place is not really any better than having no air filter in place. If the air filter in an air conditioning system is too dirty, then the filter is going to create more airflow resistance than it should. When that happens, the system has to work harder than it should in order to distribute conditioned air throughout the home. And when that happens, homeowners start to see their energy bills spike.

What’s worse than paying too much for comfort? Paying too much for a subpar cooling performance! But that’s just what homeowners in this situation find themselves up against. When the air conditioner has to fight through a very dirty air filter, the cooling performance is going to suffer. Not only that, but the added stress on the air conditioning system can then wind up increasing the risk and frequency of AC repair needs! It’s a lot of trouble that can be avoided by the simple step of replacing the air filter in a timely fashion.

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