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3 Ways to Spot Trouble with Your Air Conditioner

Summers in Westchester, NY are hot and muggy, and you need your air conditioning system to function as expected pretty much every day between now and September. When trouble arises, you need to call on a qualified air conditioning service to get it fixed, but how can you tell if there’s trouble afoot? You’re not an air conditioning expert, and unless the system flat-out refuses to turn on (which is a fairly common indicator in and of itself), you may have no idea that there’s any trouble until it’s too late. You can get a jump on any serious issues by looking for signs of trouble before it shuts the system down. It can make a huge difference if you know what to look for.

1. Odd Noises

An odd noise is defined as anything that you don’t immediately recognize as part of your system’s normal functioning. That can include rattling, humming, groaning, sparking, and even grinding noises. The possible causes are numerous but any problem that creates such a noise is bound to cause serious damage if you aren’t careful.

2. Air Flow Problems

Air flow problems tend to encompass one of two particular areas: either the air isn’t cool enough or it isn’t moving quickly enough through the ducts. The former is often caused by leaking refrigerant, but can also be caused by dirt on the coils and similar issues. The latter is usually caused by either a clog in the ducts or an issue with the fan apparatus.

 3. Higher Bills

Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily a performance issue that draws your attention, but the simple fact that your monthly bills are much higher than they should be. That can be caused by a malfunctioning component using much more energy than it should, driving up the costs and increasing the risks of further damage.

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