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3 Steps to Improve Home Efficiency

A more efficient home means lower bills, better performance, and an overall happier family. This isn’t just for specific homeowners, this is a pretty general rule that is only getting verified more with every year. Power grids are straining to keep up with the demand from new homeowners, new HVAC systems, more technology, and even electric cars. It’s no secret that the less energy a system uses, the better off a community and customer will be.

Well, we’re here to tell customers across the tri-state area that there are ways to improve efficiency right now, without the help of a professional!

Sure, for more thorough air conditioning services in Westchester County, our team is always ready to provide support—from AC repair to maintenance. But for homeowners who have systems in good shape, what can they do? Follow along for three valuable efficiency tips.

Invest in a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are one of the most helpful ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of a home, during the summer and winter.

Think about it, a ceiling fan operates with a minor amount of electricity required. Compared to an air conditioner, a ceiling fan runs on pennies every month, which is a huge decrease in cost. Not only will a ceiling fan help make a room feel cooler through airflow, but it will help circulate the cooled air through various corners and areas of a home.

Then, in the wintertime, when the heater is on full blast and the temperatures are cold outside, homeowners can run their ceiling fan in the opposite direction. This creates a convection current to keep heat from rising too high and allowing it to be felt by everyone in the house!

Seal Windows, Doors, and Keep Things Closed

Windows and doors just aren’t the same as a wall. They’ve got cracks where drafts can develop, and they’re just overall much thinner than the walls of a home. However, that doesn’t just mean that customers have to be okay with the poor efficiency and seal of their home.

People should take the necessary steps to improve the efficiency and weathering of their homes. Replace single-pane windows with double-paned windows to allow for maximum sunlight and clarity, while keeping all of the uncomfortable temperatures outdoors.

It can be a good idea to install a door weatherstrip that will keep air from blowing between the cracks of a door. And, don’t forget, homeowners should always work to keep windows and doors closed when their air conditioners are powered on.

Call for Duct and HVAC Support

Don’t forget that one of the largest culprits of inefficiency in a home is the HVAC system or ductwork that transports cooled air. The more leaks that inhabit a duct system, the less cool air a family will feel and the harder an air conditioner will need to work.

Our team specializes in ductwork services, as well as the repair and maintenance of air conditioning units. We can fix any inefficient system that’s running into errors.

Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for more information on our AC services.

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