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Don’t Let Winter Start Without Scheduling Heating Repairs


Fall has arrived and with it come the brilliant colors of changing leaves and steadily dropping temperatures. Homeowners are likely using their heating systems more and more often, and soon they will be needed every day. That makes now the ideal time to schedule any repairs that may be needed on the system, and for homeowners to check carefully for any signs that repairs are necessary.

Why Now?

Heating issues can’t always be addressed in the spring, when homeowners stop using their heaters and start using their air conditioners. Spring cleaning tasks can take up a lot of time, and attention is rightfully focused on getting the AC up and running in anticipation of the summer. Any existing problems with the heater may have sat untouched for months, and now present a thorny problem with winter on the way. Getting it addressed now means avoiding any unpleasant surprises when the first snow falls.

What to Look For

Homeowners should never attempt to formally diagnose a problem with their heating systems, let alone repair it. Heaters are complex devices and often entail potentially dangerous components such as gas. Only a trained and licensed technician should ascertain the precise cause of any heating problems, since only they can conduct repairs in a safe and effective manner.

Having said that, any homeowner can identify potential problems with the system simply by watching for behavior from the heater that doesn’t match its normal function. Such symptoms can have any number of causes, but can be easily spotted if you know what to look for. They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Limited Heat Levels. Most people can tell there’s something wrong if their heater produces no heat. But the same problems can be present if the heater is working, just not as well as one might expect. If the heated air feels warm, but not as warm as normal, it merits a professional’s attention.
  • Limited Air Flow. In forced-air furnaces, limited air flow can be caused by anything from a fan motor problem to a blockage in the ducts. It’s a problem because it forces the heater to work harder than it should–raising costs and strain in the bargain–and because the hot air often remains stuck in the body of the heater and may cause individual components to break down.
  • Strange Noises. Any noise that doesn’t match the heater’s ability to function usually merits a repair call. Luckily, most homeowners are accustomed to the normal sounds of their heater running and can quickly pick up on any unusual noise.
  • Unexpected Shutdown. Most modern heaters possess safety features that will turn the system off when there’s a gas leak, a component overheating, or some similar calamity. If the heater never runs quite as long as expected or turns off before the home is adequately warmed, it could likely be this safety feature kicking in. A trained technician can get to the heart of the problem before it creates a health hazard.

For quality heating repair services in White Plains, NY, call on Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators today!

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