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The Most Energy-Efficient Generators to Invest In

Many homeowners start thinking about which generators are the most energy-efficient when they’re forced to call a professional for generator repair in White Plains, NY because a portable generator, or their old standby generator, has broken down.

Is it worth paying to repair your generator? Or perhaps a consumer would be better off spending that money on a new generator that’s more energy-efficient. These are the questions we can help any curious customers answer.

Yes, some generators are more powerful and energy-efficient than others, but they’re also more expensive. Natural gas is the go-to power source for highly efficient generator systems, and for homes without access to natural gas, things can be a lot more complicated. Our team specializes in the installation and repairs of many generator systems that are designed to minimize energy costs. Let’s get into specifics down below.

Choosing the Most Energy-Efficient System

Before we start talking about whether or not anyone should pay for those generator repairs, we need to talk about which generators are worth the investment at all, and which ones only serve niche purposes.

Portable generators, for example, are some of the least efficient generators on the market. They run via gasoline or other types of fuel, and they can barely keep on a set of appliances, let alone the appliances of an entire home. They can be costly, dangerous, and inefficient. But if customers are traveling and need energy in an area across the country that has no electricity or other fuel type, then this might be the only viable system.

Standby generators are the better bet. They’re more stationary since they can’t really be moved, but they run on natural gas and they can run at incredible efficiencies. Because these systems are so efficient and effective, they can also run many if not all the appliances in a home when a power outage occurs. From lights to security systems and a refrigerator, a home can remain protected with this kind of system.

Going for a Standby Generator

If energy efficiency is the most important factor for a homeowner on the market for a generator, then a standby generator is the best bet. Also, if anyone is trying to figure out whether they should repair their standby generator or not, these systems can be expensive to replace, so repairs are a great idea when done professionally by our team.

Are Generator Repairs Worth the Cost?

Yes and no. For homeowners who have reached this blog with a malfunctioning portable generator, it’s most likely not worth trying to get it fixed. These systems are simple to replace and they don’t cost much to begin with, so just purchasing a second portable generator will do the trick for whatever project is required.

However, standby generators are powerful and efficient systems. They should be treated like a heater or air conditioner because they’re built to last for at least ten years. Unless there’s something catastrophically wrong with the unit, or it’s reached the end of its lifespan, we highly recommend getting this system repaired by a team of pros.

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