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It’s Finally Time to Switch Away From Oil Heating

We’ve mentioned on this blog a few times that oil heating systems are not in the same position that they used to be. In the mid to late 20th century, it was common to find heating appliances that ran on oil, from boilers to furnaces, but this was from a different global market and economy. There was more oil coming domestically and from international partnerships that made the trade of it much easier. We also didn’t have to concern ourselves with the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Today, oil systems are more of a hassle than they are something to be proud of. And many of our customers don’t have them by choice—they could be the HVAC system found when a first-time homeowner finally moves in. This is often where the problem can be seen.

So, let’s talk about why oil systems are not as great as they used to be, and how customers can benefit from an oil to gas conversion in Queens.

The Negative Effects of Oil Heating

Here’s a question: why are people all over the world starting to veer away from oil heating systems? It’s a great question, and we’ve got the answer. Here are some of the most common and obvious negative effects that can be seen with oil heating.

  • A lot of oil is produced internationally. The instability of a global oil economy has lead to some serious shortages and price spikes of oil. A huge portion of oil that is used in American homes is produced internationally, which means there’s less control of it domestically. This can be a huge downside for a lot of customers who want to invest in American resources and industry.
  • Constant deliveries are obnoxious. Oil doesn’t just come out of the ground; it needs to be delivered to a home so the system could be refueled. This is not ideal for customers in colder climates like ours where a missed delivery could mean a cold home.
  • Fewer technicians service oil heaters. Since oil heating is not as common or effective as it used to be, there are fewer technicians that work on these systems. In comparison, many technicians are first trained on gas furnaces and boilers while getting licensed.
  • It’s not environmentally friendly. Oil heating is just not very good for the environment. Not only does the burning of oil release CO2 and other contaminants into the atmosphere, but the sheer amount of transport that is required for oil to reach a home is terrible for the environment as well.

Why Gas Is a Better Choice

Natural gas lines are constructed underground and controlled domestically by local municipalities. This means that customers can get powerful heating from gas furnaces or boilers, without any deliveries or concerning themselves with the international oil market. The vast majority of natural gas is produced domestically, which means that money isn’t going overseas when customers choose this kind of heating system.

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