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Install an Indoor Air Quality Product this Spring

indoor-air-qualityWith the coming of spring comes spring cleaning operations in homes throughout the area: a chance to air out the house after a long, stuffy winter. Part of those operations should include a long, thorough assessment of the heating and air conditioning system, and perhaps to consider some upgrades. Indoor air quality products can be connected to existing HVAC systems and do wonders for solving all manner of problems. What kinds of indoor air quality products are there, and what kinds of benefits do they provide? A short list of options follows.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Here in New York, humidity levels play almost as much a role in household comfort as the temperature itself. High humidity levels in the summer force the air conditioner to work harder than it should, as well as foster the growth of mold and make it harder for household occupants to feel cool. In the winter, low humidity creates entirely different problems: dry, itchy skin, static electricity, and household resident more vulnerable to colds and other illnesses.

Air conditioners and heaters can treat such problems in a rough way, but they’re not set up for such duties, and the results can raise both strain and the cost of running them. Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers, on the other hand are designed to treat the problem specifically, which handles uncomfortable humidity levels more effectively while easing the strain on the HVAC system at large.

Electronic Air Filtration Systems

High dust levels can be of great concern to some households, especially those with outdoor jobs or vulnerable family members like infants and the elderly. Every HVAC system comes with a filter designed to screen out dust and other contaminants in the air. But even the finest screen still leaves room for the smallest particles to slip through.

An electronic air filtration system, on the other hand provides near-comprehensive coverage against dirt and dust. As the air passes through the system during the running of the heater or air conditioner, it passes through an ionization chamber, which ionizes every particle in the air. That in turn causes them to stick to the sides of the chamber, or a collection plate (depending on the make and model.). That reduces dust circulation to almost nothing and results in cleaner, fresher air.

UV Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers work well in homes with concerns about germs or bacteria. Ultraviolet light is harmless to human beings, but deadly to single-celled organisms in the air. UV lights placed at the apex to the HVAC’s systems ducts will “scrub” the air clean while the heater or air conditioner runs. UV air purifiers have few moving parts, so they rarely suffer breakdowns, and usually require only the periodic changing of the light bulbs to do their jobs quietly and effectively. They are recommended for any home, but especially those with family members who work in high-risk locations such as hospitals, or family members in a delicate state of health.

For quality indoor air quality products throughout the Rye, NY area, call the friendly professionals at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators today!

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