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Steps to Improve a Heater’s Efficiency

Fall has officially arrived, and with cold weather on its way, Yonkers, NY residents would do well to assess the state of their heating systems and take steps to ensure that they function as well as they possibly can in the coming months. A city as old as Yonkers includes a wide variety of heating systems, from forced-air furnaces to boilers to alternative systems such as radiant heating.

In addition to scheduling maintenance from a trained technician for these systems and ensuring that any lingering issues are properly addressed, homeowners can take additional steps to ensure that their heaters run as efficiently as possible and keep the monthly costs of staying warm to a minimum.

1. Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can be purchased at any home improvement store and used to seal cracks around doors and windows. This prevents heat from escaping the home, and allows the system to function without wasting unnecessary energy. Older weather stripping that is already in place should be exchanged for new stripping before winter.

2. Outlets in Exterior Walls

Exterior walls are typically heavily insulated, but pipes, electrical outlets, and similar fixtures don’t always have insulation behind it, which can lead to heat loss. Address the issue by filling in the space behind the outlets with foam sealant or acrylic latex caulk, and consider adding a foam gasket over the outlet.

3. Thermostats

Thermostats last a long time and an older unit, while still functional, might lack some of the features that newer models do. Smart thermostats, for instance, can make automatic adjustments to the temperature based on household heating patterns and local conditions, while many modern thermostats can be turned on and off from anywhere in the world via an app on the phone.

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