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What Does the Blower Motor Do?

Readers of our blog have probably heard us mention the blower motor. The blower motor is just one component of a blower fan, which is also a part of the encompassing HVAC unit of a home. We completely understand that this terminology can make anyone’s head spin, which is why we want to focus on helping homeowners learn about the industry lingo and retain a bit of knowledge for future use!

So, what exactly does the blower do? Why is the blower motor a component that homeowners should know about? These are the questions that we’re looking to answer in this blog post, and we’ll also discuss how they relate to heating repair in Scarsdale, NY.

Just remember, for any additional questions about heating systems, blower fans, and ductwork, contact the pros at our team for helpful support. We have the experience and the training to deal with any HVAC issue that comes up.

Why Is There a “Blower Fan?” in a Heating System?

A forced-air heating system works by propelling hot air throughout a home. In order to do this, it needs a wide fan system that propels the air throughout ductwork and eventually into every room of a house.

This is important, because, without this blower fan system a gas or electric furnace would just heat up the area near it, but that heat would never reach where it’s supposed to go. Think of blower fans like a heat distribution system that provides the rest of the house with heat that is being created by the furnace.

Can a Furnace Heat Without a Blower Fan?

The short answer to this question is no, but let us explain. A furnace can heat in general without a blower fan, just like a campfire can provide warmth just by burning. The problem, though, is that if someone is sitting a thousand feet away from that campfire, the heat will never reach them and they’ll be cold all night.

A furnace is similar, in the fact that it has to get the heat that it creates to homeowners so they can feel it. A furnace that doesn’t have a blower fan, or a blower motor working properly, will be unable to bring the heat that’s created to the rest of the house. So, no, a furnace won’t heat a home without some powerful method of distribution, like a blower fan!

Common Problems With a Blower Motor

A blower fan’s motor runs in a similar fashion to other motor systems, with a rubber belt and some electrical components that require power. We get frequent calls about sounds and issues that can be immediately diagnosed to the blower fan or the blower motor.

For example, if a forced-air heating system is starting to squeal like a burnt-out car that’s driving down the street, the blower motor could have a frayed rubber belt that needs to be replaced. Or, if a forced-air heating system isn’t propelling enough air into the house, the blower fan could be completely shut down or running sub-optimally due to a problem with the blower motor.

Either way, our team can help!

Call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for help with forced-air heating systems.

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