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The Ultimate Heater Replacement Guide

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about heater repair, as we should. We’re a local, responsible, HVAC contractor who is mainly concerned with keeping homeowners warm this year and for years to come. However, sometimes a repair is not enough, and eventually repairs are just putting a bandaid on a problem that’s going to get much worse and more expensive.

So, today is reserved for talking about heater replacements—when they’re necessary—and why they can be so important to homeowners going through difficulties like frequent or expensive repairs. Unfortunately, many people think that heater replacement in Rockland, NY can be unnecessary or a waste when their system works decently enough, but we’re here to tell anyone who believes in this myth that there are some empirical ways to determine that a replacement is anything but unnecessary or a waste.

Repair or Replace?

The most important decision a homeowner has to make over the course of their HVAC system ownership is whether or not to repair or replace a system that has a problem. While most of the time it can be economic or even more satisfying to have a heater repaired no matter what a new replacement could provide, sometimes it can be pretty obvious that a replacement is going to provide the most benefits.

  • Age. Homeowners with a heater that’s 10 or 15 years old should definitely start thinking about a replacement. Sure, a heater might work fine through its teens and even into its twenties, but that heater could begin to suffer from huge inefficiency issues. Not only that, but repairs will begin to get numerous and more expensive over time, so nipping this in the bud once a heater has reached the end of its lifespan is a recommended choice.
  • Frequent repairs. One or two repairs every few years is enough to keep a heating system running smoothly. If any homeowners have a heater that is constantly in need of frequent repairs, like multiple times a year, then that system is quickly going to become a nuisance. Look into investing in a replacement that keeps the repair needs to a minimum.
  • Cost analysis. There’s a good rule of thumb we use here to determine whether or not it would be a good idea to replace a heating system rather than continue with repairs. If the total cost of repairs will exceed half of the price of a new heating system, then a replacement is the best, most cost-efficient solution to invest in.

Save Money and Energy

By signing up with a team of professionals for heater replacement services, homeowners save money and energy at a time when these two resources are vital. Other homeowners might be convinced that keeping their heating system running for 20 or 25 years is the best thing they can do for their home or their environment, but we’d beg anyone to reconsider that notion. The price tag on a heating bill or an expensive repair for a system that should have been replaced might make someone think otherwise.

Call the team at Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for quality replacement services.

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