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The Three Do’s of Heater Maintenance

It can be a frustrating experience as a homeowner sometimes. Professional HVAC technicians will constantly tell homeowners what not to do to the point where it can be hard for anyone to know what they can do.

We think this is a unique opportunity to show homeowners that they occupy a pretty special place in the HVAC industry as well. Not only are the owners of HVAC systems our valued customers, but they’re also the first line of defense against any problems or repair needs that might crop up. Nothing replaces a homeowner’s good practice and vigilance towards their HVAC system.

Today, we’re going to go into detail about three things that every homeowner should do for their heater. This will cover a variety of different things, from scheduling a heating tune-up in Queens, NY, to changing the air filter and ensuring the system has space to operate safely.

1. Do Schedule Heater Maintenance

Heater maintenance is a vital service that many homeowners forgo. It’s easy to think that they can survive without it and that their life will be fine. The truth is that a heater tune-up isn’t just about surviving the winter, it’s about making sure that a home makes it through winter with the lowest associated costs possible.

Maintenance does two things essentially. The first is that it improves the efficiency and comfort of a system, allowing it to run at a lower fuel cost while providing the same amount of heat. Second, maintenance keeps repairs at bay, granting the system the ability to work without a hitch since most budding problems can be fixed during that maintenance appointment.

Scheduling this service is a must for any HVAC system owner going into the winter.

2. Do Change the Air Filter of Your System Regularly

We mention this tip a lot, but it’s important. This is one of the few things that we encourage homeowners to do on a regular basis, and it makes a huge difference.

The air filter in a heating system needs to be changed every one to three months. This is going to ensure that a heating system remains functional and efficient. A clogged air filter can quickly slow down the system, cause it to overheat, or generally cause a dramatic drop in efficiency.

Many homeowners schedule their air filter changes in their calendars so they never forget! This can be helpful too for people with a busy schedule.

3. Do Keep Your Air Vents and Basement Clear

This might seem like our team being nitpicky, but it’s really not. A gas furnace is still a fire hazard if it gets dirty or covered with flammable materials. Keep all paper, wood, oil, and other materials that might be stored in the basement at least two feet away from the furnace so it can run without any safety concerns.

Also, a furnace is a forced-air heating system. This means it relies on getting warm air into your home at a regular pace. Homeowners need to clear and clean their air vents throughout the home so that it’s easy for the furnace to provide warmth throughout the entirety of the building.

Need an extra hand with a heating system this year? Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators can help! Call us today.

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