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Size Matters When Selecting a New Heater

Homeowners in the market for a new furnace this time of year are usually preparing for a spring replacement, selecting a new system in anticipation of exchanging the old one once temperatures here in Pelham, NY go up. In some cases, the situation may not be able to wait, as an old heater finally gives up the ghost in the middle of winter. Either way, it pays to take care and find the right furnace for the home in question, and that includes determining the proper power levels the heater needs to have.

Neither Overpowered nor Underpowered

Most homeowners know better than to select an underpowered heating system, which will run constantly and never quite get the house warm (as well as wasting a great deal of energy). What most people don’t know is that an overpowered heater can often be just as wasteful. The fan motors and other components of the furnace use far more energy turning on and off than they do simply running. If the heater warms the home too quickly, the system will shut off and on again rapidly, engaging in a process known as short cycling. This is tremendously hard on the furnace’s components, increasing wear and tear unnecessarily as well as wasting an undue amount of energy.

Preparation is Key

In order to size a heater properly, the technician must examine the home in question and note various features that contribute to its heating needs. That starts with square footage, but other factors are involved as well, such as the amount of insulation in the home and the presence of double-paned windows. Once those calculations are made, the technician can recommend a power level for the heater that is neither too great nor too small—but just right.

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