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FAQ: 3 Gas Furnace Questions

A gas furnace is a popular heating system in the tri-state area. Nearly every municipality where we’re located has access to natural gas, and it can still be more affordable than electricity depending on the prices. This is why most HVAC contractors are seen working on gas furnaces: they’re just some of the most common and reliable appliances we use.

However, furnaces do need repairs every once in a while, and sometimes those repairs can be unique. We want to talk about three distinct tips that homeowners can be aware of when looking at the longevity of their furnace lifespans. We’ll seek to answer questions like, How does my furnace keep heating if my basement is too cold? Or, When will my furnace call it quits?

Then, hopefully customers can call us for gas furnace repair in Westchester County, NY if they think that’s what’s required.

“Is My Basement Too Cold for My Furnace?”

When temperatures drop substantially, the first area of a home that can get cold is the basement. It’s also conveniently where most centralized HVAC units are located, so it can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Why is the coldest place in the house also the place with the heating system?

Well, a gas furnace doesn’t actually have to be that warm for it to operate effectively. Likewise, a furnace that overheats is a bad sign and will shut down abruptly. So, in some ways, the coldest area of a home is the best place for a furnace, as long as its not too cold.

To make sure, most gas furnaces are actually installed with a small gap in between the outward air ducts and the system itself, to allow for a little bit of heat to exist around the furnace. This should be enough to keep the area where a furnace is warm enough for it to function, even on the coldest days!

“Is My Furnace Okay or in Need of Replacement?”

This is a tricky question. A furnace can run into problems and be either in need of a quick repair or in desperate need of a replacement. Only a professional who has taken a good look can make that judgement.

However, any time a homeowner is confronted with a repair cost, it’s a good idea to evaluate the cost of a replacement as well. For instance, if customers multiply the price of a repair by the age of the system in years, the result can be telling. If it’s above $5,000, then a customer is likely paying too much and would do better with a replacement. If it’s below that cost, then it’s probably fine to get it repaired.

“Why Is My House So Cold?”

There are many parts of an HVAC system that could be responsible for cold temperatures. Air ducts could be leaking and in disrepair, the furnace could be malfunctioning, or it could just be a classic example of an outdated furnace that’s in desperate need of replacement. This is the time to call for a professional to have the system and the rest of the home evaluated.

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