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Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators Blog

3 Tips for Heating During the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, which means homeowners probably have the calendar absolutely booked for the next few weeks! This is a time of year when we can focus on being thankful for the family, friends, and lucky lives we get to live. Make sure to take a break to eat some good food and enjoy some activities that put a smile on that face.

However, one thing that’s going to be working double-time while we try to enjoy the holidays is the heating system in the basement. Whether our customers have a gas furnace or a high efficiency heat pump, these systems will be working tirelessly to keep the home comfortable so that the whole family can enjoy some time together.

That being said, it’s important to work with the heating system instead of against it, providing some adjustments and maintenance to ensure that it works properly. And, if a heating system starts to struggle, don’t hesitate to call for heater repairs in Scarsdale, NY!

1. Keep the Vents Wide Open

There might be an influx of some new toys and presents this year, which is always a welcome sight! However, those boxes, tubs, and big bags of gifts can easily get in the way of a heating system that’s struggling to keep the house warm.

Make sure to have a talk with the kiddos or put up some guards around the air vents. These vents are the access point that a heating system has with the rest of the home, allowing for heated air to reach all of the important areas. When these vents are blocked, it becomes exceptionally hard for the heating system to keep the house warm, and it might start working harder which can lead to problems down the line.

2. Change the Air Filter

Here’s a seasonal reminder for all of our customers! Make sure the air filter is changed so that the heating system has access to clean, filtered air to heat. A clogged air filter will slow everything down, making the system less efficient, running into issues, and even having trouble heating the house.

A clean air filter will even do wonders in improving the air quality of a home!

3. Don’t Fight Over the Thermostat

This might be the best time of year to have a discussion with the family about the right temperature to set on the thermostat. Every family has its own comfort preferences, and we’re not in the business of telling customers how to heat their homes. But, trying to heat a home to 70+ degrees is going to be tough when the heating bill comes back and the cost has jumped up to an unsustainable amount.

Turning up the thermostat doesn’t realistically make the home warmer, it just means that the heating system is going to run for longer. Sometimes this can make it feel a tiny bit warmer, but the cost is usually not worth it since the heater can consume way more fuel and stress out a lot of components leading to an early breakdown.

Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators is the team to call for exceptional heater repairs when a system is in trouble. Contact us today!

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