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Generators Are Becoming More and More Important

We’ve seen some pretty crazy weather this summer. By now we can assume that every homeowner in the tri-state area has seen the videos of the New York City subway flooding, and streets being shut down due to weather events.

While it can definitely be discouraging, homeowners in our area are getting smart. Investing in a generator installation in Westchester, NY might be the best way to prepare for weather events that could threaten the power of the neighborhood. Especially when working with our team, homeowners can get access to natural gas-powered generators that also work to power an entire home. Phones can stay charged, the refrigerator will keep food from spoiling, and the next crazy weather event will feel more like a vacation than anything else!

Let’s discuss how generators might be more important as years go on, and why now is the best time to invest in one.

Power Outages Are More Common These Days

The reason why this blog is so important to read now is because we’re starting to see a trend with weather events. More powerful storms, hurricanes, and noreasters are causing winds that will knock over powerlines and cause damage. These events are increasing in frequency, which means homeowners need to be ready for power fluctuations when they occur.

With a generator, that preparation is taken care of completely. Generators can create the power needed to continue living life almost as normal while the rest of the neighborhood waits patiently for the power company to fix things. Standby generators can make this even easier by turning on the moment a power fluctuation is detected, leaving a home protected from even a few second’s worth of power outages.

Not Every Generator Is the Same

Many homeowners think they can get through power outages with a portable generator. While this might be true for homeowners with tiny homes or those homeowners without kids, it’s increasingly more difficult for everyone else.

Portable generators only provide a certain amount of power, which is rarely enough to energize all of our devices. Also, they run on gasoline, which is more expensive and less efficient than natural gas. Overall, they cost more to operate than natural gas-powered generators that are more efficient and effective.

If anyone out there is dealing with a portable generator that doesn’t really do the job effectively, then we want to make it clear that an upgrade would help.

Save Money Over Time

The generators we install are designed to keep homes comfortable, safe, and efficient. Even if power is lost for a few days, these generators can keep things running at a minimal cost by using natural gas lines that are clean burning and effective.

As time goes on, we’ll get used to using more technology and our energy demands will increase. This means power outages will become more of a hassle and will cost us more money in the long run. By investing in a powerful generator today, homeowners can avoid this outcome and remain happy during the next series of terrible storms.

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