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Everything to Know About Duct Leaks

Leaking ducts are no joke. It can feel absolutely demoralizing to have a brand-new HVAC system lose out on its efficiency because there are holes and gaps in the duct system. The truth is that our air ducts require just as much attention and support as the systems that heat or cool the air in our homes. There’s a lot of information to learn about air ducts, so this blog post is dedicated to this particular component and some best practices or tips to take home.

When ducts start leaking, they could impact an entire home’s comfort and the utility bills that come with it. As licensed, local professionals, it’s our job to make sure that homeowners know just how important these components and the services that come with them are.

Interested? Then keep reading to learn more about ductwork and how it can greatly affect your HVAC in Scarsdale.

Leaking Ducts Are a Huge Problem

When air ducts leak, they can lead to a ton of different problems in an HVAC system. For starters, more heated or cooled air leaking out means less air that homeowners get to feel, which is already a major problem. The whole point of air ducts is to transfer the temperature-treated air into the rooms of a house, and if that doesn’t work properly then the whole system starts to falter.

Leaking ducts can also lead to an influx of contaminants in a home. Those little holes and gaps that open up in crawlspaces and basements can be a haven for mold and dust to collect. Air ducts need to be sealed in order to stop contaminants from flowing in, and to stop air from flowing out!

Invest in Duct Sealing or Repairs

Duct sealing and repair services might seem like a big deal, but a bigger deal might occur if ducts are left in disrepair. These services are specifically designed to target leaks and problems in ductwork and remedy them.

Duct sealing is great because it’s small in scope but will easily stop air from flowing out of small leaks and tears.

Duct repairs might be more extensive, but they get the job done and they last for a long time when done by professionals.

3 Ways to Pinpoint a Problem With Ducts

Let’s talk about how homeowners might detect a problem with their air ducts.

  • High utility bills. When more treated air starts leaking through holes and gaps in ductwork, the HVAC system will try to compensate. This will cause a rise in utility bill prices.
  • Poor airflow coming from the vents. If more air is leaking from the ducts, then less air is going to come from a home’s vents. This is an easy way to figure out if there’s a major leak in a home’s ductwork.
  • Duct gaps, tears, and holes are visible. Homeowners should take a walk around their house and inspect their ductwork. Some holes and gaps will be visible, and that is a clear sign that duct repairs need to be made ASAP.

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