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Compounding AC Problems: One Issue Becomes Two!

What happens when someone hits a pool ball with a pool queue in an average game? The ball usually slams against the other balls, knocking several of them into pouches to be counted for points down the line. The game of pool takes advantage of how natural laws of physics work on momentum, gravity, friction, and inertia.

This is almost exactly why we recommend that homeowners get AC repairs done as early as possible. Just like the balls in a game of pool, components will start slamming into one another, friction will build up, and the problem that’s being encountered will quickly turn into two or three issues.

The only sensible response to a problem with an AC system is to call for professional air conditioning repair in Dobbs Ferry. Anything less than this, like quick DIY fixes or the help of an amateur technician, will not deal with the root of the problem and will allow more issues to spring up.

The Issues We Run Into

Before we get into just how multiple problems can spring from just one initial issue, we need to make it clear that homeowners should never wait on a repair. If readers of this blog can take one thing away from it, it should be to always call for professional repairs as early as possible. It doesn’t matter how much money a homeowner thinks they’re saving by staving off repairs, those issues will rear their ugly head in many different ways eventually.


When our technicians provide maintenance, we always lubricate ball bearings and certain components that come in contact with other materials. That’s because friction can be terrible and will lead to the deterioration of many different components if they’re not treated well or maintained properly.

An AC that’s running into problems could be suffering from something to do with the friction of two components rubbing against one another. This creates heat that will either cause the system to overheat, or perhaps lead to another problem that needs to be fixed.

Misaligned Parts

Over time, some components of an air conditioner can become misaligned. While this might sound like an easy problem to fix—and it is—this issue never gets resolved on its own. The longer an AC goes without professional repairs, the more likely it is that this misaligned part causes another component to be misaligned, until the system isn’t running properly.

Clanging and Banging Parts

Clanging and banging sounds are never good when they come from an AC. This just signals two parts banging into one another, from a loose screw to a whole component that’s loose. This can cause friction, dents, and even cause more parts to become loose which is a slippery slope to a whole system breakdown.

Efficiency Problems

Last but not least, the most insidious issue that arises from neglected AC repairs is a decrease in efficiency. When the system isn’t running at peak performance, it’s going to consume more energy and provide subpar comfort levels. This is unacceptable and should always be treated at the source.

It’s time to call Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for quality AC repair.

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