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Tips for Better Cooling Efficiency

checkmark-greenWe know how hot it can get in New Rochelle. Sometimes it gets so hot that a well-maintained air conditioning system will have trouble keeping up. Even the best air conditioners have trouble keeping it more than twenty degrees cooler than the temperature outside. So what can be done as a homeowner to mitigate these problems and give an AC all the love and support it needs to function as efficiently as possible? There are plenty of nifty tips for increasing the efficiency of an air conditioner!

An air conditioner is made of several different parts that require yearly maintenance in order to make sure it can function properly on the hottest of days. A good tip to remember is to schedule a tune-up for air conditioning in New Rochelle, NY before the summer starts—this ensures any air conditioning system is up to the challenge.

Aside from that, we can talk about some things that a homeowner can do to make their AC run more efficiently.

Efficiency Feels Better

A more efficient air conditioner will run smoother and longer than one riddled with problems. When it comes to those scorching hot days, only a well-tuned, efficient AC unit will be able to keep up with basic comfort needs.

Turn the Thermostat Up

Nope, we’re not kidding! People who find their AC having trouble with the heat tend to turn their thermostat lower and lower, which forces their already struggling system to work even harder. On brutally hot days, the best AC systems will never get a house more than twenty degrees cooler than the temperature outside. So, turning the thermostat up will make it easier for the system and allow it to reach the desired temperature.

Filter Change

Filters should be replaced every month, and more often when an HVAC is undergoing heavy usage. This could be a likely culprit if an air conditioner is not functioning up to snuff. Most filters are easy to replace, and they can make a major difference on efficiency. However, filters do not change the indoor air quality. Most filters on air conditioners just protect the unit from dirt and debris. That’s why we install air purifiers if there’s ever any trouble with air quality.

Utility Bills

Are utility bills significantly higher than a neighbor’s? What about bills from five years ago? Comparing utility bills can be a simple way to tell if an air conditioning system is running inefficiently. As an HVAC ages, it works harder and has trouble keeping energy costs low.

Next Steps

If one of these tips does the trick, then the specific AC might still be in good condition. However, if these tips don’t increase efficiency on an air conditioner, there might be a much worse problem going on. A technician at Yost & Campbell can give a thorough diagnosis and describe available options, from easy AC repairs to upgrading a system entirely.

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