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A Guide to Custom Cooling Solutions

A home doesn’t all have to be a single temperature. In fact, it hasn’t been this way for quite a while. While the family squabbles over the temperature in different rooms, racing to hog the thermostat and put the temperature exactly where it shouldn’t be, there exist solutions that can make everyone happy. Call them custom cooling solutions, or just alternatives to the average AC system. Their job is to create a custom cooling environment for the entire family.

We’ll be getting into two main aspects of it today when it comes to custom cooling. One of them is the ductless air conditioning system, which is comprised of several air handlers that cool separate rooms. The other is a zone control system that can be installed in the ductwork of a central air conditioning system. Either of these systems can make the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and even bathrooms their own temperature for their unique inhabitants.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioners are all the rage these days. Instead of using a complex system of ductwork throughout the home that connects to the exterior unit, a ductless air conditioner is comprised of up to four mini-split air handlers that connect to the outside unit via a line of refrigerant. Since a ductless system is comprised of separate air handlers in different rooms, these air handlers can each be programmed with their own temperatures and cooling settings. This allows a custom cooling solution for a family that just can’t decide on what temperature to leave the thermostat on.

We understand that different rooms require different temperatures. A kitchen with a stove and oven that are cooking food is going to need more cooling power or a higher expected temperature than just an average bedroom. It’s unnecessary to cool off the entire home because of just one room.

Zone Control Systems

When dealing with a central air system that uses ductwork to cool air around a home, a zone control system can be a great solution to problematic cooling. A zone control system is an installed group of shutters placed in the ductwork of an AC system which can divide the home into specific sections. These sections then can have custom cooling properties per the request of whoever is in that specific room.

With a properly installed zone control system, someone can enjoy a movie in the living room at 72°F, while the kitchen is at 75°F, and thus end the fights over who gets to control the thermostat.

The Best Solution

Custom cooling can range from affordable to extremely expensive, so it’s generally a good idea to speak with a technician about the best type of custom cooling experience. Depending on the size of a home’s ductwork or the lack of ductwork at all, one of these solutions might fit better in a home than the other. Also, with smartphone-activated thermostats, that custom cooling experience can be extended to outside of the home, just as much as inside the home.

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