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4 Sounds a Boiler Shouldn’t Make

Boilers are durable and reliable and can last for upwards of 20 years. This is what makes them still a great choice for many homeowners in our area. However, just like a furnace or a heat pump, a boiler will still run into its own problems over time. Some of those problems get expressed through strange noises like a whistle or a gurgle.

The first thing that we need to tell our customers is that any boiler noise is a reason to call for boiler repair in Pelham, NY. Boilers are supposed to be quiet, and sometimes they can even be quieter than forced-air heating systems because there are no fast-moving parts. So, if a boiler starts making loud or uncomfortable noises, this is usually due to a pretty serious problem that needs to be fixed.

Next, let’s break down four common repair needs and the noises they might make.


Kettling is one of the most common problems that we see with boilers. For any new homeowners who might not be used to this problem yet, it’s basically when a boiler starts to sound like a tea kettle that’s reached its limit. It can be a high-pitched whistling sound, or the sound of steam quickly traveling through small areas of the boiler.

Kettling can be caused a number of different ways. Sometimes, the internal temperature of the water can be poorly set, leading to water that’s too hot evaporating and causing problems. Or, it can be due to sediment build-up, since the water will be poorly or unevenly heated due to water volume problems. This should be fixed by a professional as soon as the problem becomes apparent.

Humming or Buzzing

Some boilers are electric, which means they can be susceptible to electrical problems. An electric boiler might make a buzzing or humming noise, which indicates that wires might be frayed, an electrical component might be broken, or even that a circuit has been tripped. It’s a safe bet to assume that a buzzing noise is usually a malfunctioning electrical system, but the problem should still be diagnosed by a pro.


Gurgling is a unique noise for a boiler to make, and one that’s never a good sign. If a boiler starts gurgling, it’s usually because air has made its way into the system and is causing problems. Air can be a big issue because the water moves so quickly through the pipes of a boiler system that any air bubbles can slam against the pipes and cause damage.

Don’t try to fix this alone. It’s important to get a licensed professional to repair it.


Last but not least, if a homeowner has a boiler that’s booming, it might be because the gas burners are dirty and in rough shape. Sometimes, the burners can get covered in soot and ash to the point where it takes a few seconds for the natural gas to be burned in the system. This can cause a small, miniature explosion that will damage the unit over time.

Don’t hesitate to contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for boiler repairs that get the job done.

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