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3 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

First torrential downpours, then muggy humidity indexes, and now scorching hot temperatures that are breaking records. It looks like we won’t be getting a break this year as things heat up and get uncomfortable. It’s no secret that we’re relying on our air conditioners more and more to the point where we don’t even know what we’d do without them.

Luckily, we’ve listed below some tips that could help homeowners avoid straining their AC systems too much to the point of needing emergency AC repair in Queens, NY. With the help of appliances like ceiling fans, dehumidifiers, and just a few best practices, air conditioners don’t have to fight so hard to make homes comfortable.

So, it’s time to pull out a notebook and get ready to jot down some helpful hints. We’re going to go over some great ways to minimize energy bills, keep an air conditioner in good shape, and bring the temperature down a few degrees so things remain comfortable.

Tips for Better Comfort

These tips have two main goals that we want homeowners to keep in mind. The first goal is for better comfort. This should always be the goal when people are doing anything involving temperatures inside a home and an HVAC system.

The second goal is for improved energy efficiency. The less energy an HVAC system consumes, the lower an energy bill homeowners will receive each month. This also lowers our carbon footprint overall, leading to a lower environmental impact on our ecosystem.

Tip #1: Use a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great for two reasons:

The first reason is that they can cool the temperature of a room down an additional few degrees. This becomes huge when heatwaves hit and every single degree counts. They also make homes feel more comfortable for people because they allow our sweat to evaporate more easily, allowing for temperatures to feel even cooler.

The second reason is that ceiling fans help circulate conditioned air to the areas of your home where it’s needed. This can be a powerful force when things start to feel stale and eventually a little too hot on a summer’s day.

Tip #2: Set the Thermostat Correctly

When temperatures get very high, homeowners sometimes start setting their thermostats even lower. Realistically, an air conditioner can’t cool a home 20° below the outdoor temperature without starting to waste a lot of energy and run into problems. This is what we call the temperature differential.

If temperatures are reaching 100°, be sure to set the thermostat to no lower than 80° and use other methods of cooling off like the ceiling fan, cold water, and curtains to block the sun.

Tip #3: Always React Promptly to Repair Needs

If an air conditioner is struggling, there aren’t many responsible tips that will give homeowners peace of mind other than to get it fixed. Prompt AC repairs will do a massive amount of good when it comes to both energy efficiency and the quality comfort of a home.

Contact Yost & Campbell Heating, Cooling & Generators for more tips on keeping cool this summer.

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