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3 Unique Furnace Noises to Get Fixed

We urge our customers to talk to their friends, neighbors, and family in the area about the type of heating system that’s used to stay comfy during the cold season. Gas furnaces represent the vast majority of heating systems when customers ask around, and it’s not surprising when they find out why.

Gas furnaces are efficient, safe, affordable, and most importantly, powerful. They can handle any temperature drops, from the coldest day of the year to those mild winter days that just feel a bit chilly. However, just because gas furnaces are the system of choice for a lot of homeowners doesn’t mean that they don’t run into any problems. Every heating system has it’s issues, and gas furnaces tend to have some unique problems that exhibit symptoms in specific ways. This blog post is dedicated to detecting the noises those problems make, and hiring a professional to get them quickly fixed.


3 Furnace Noises That Spell Trouble

Let’s start by talking about the fact that noises almost always signify the need for professional help. A furnace is supposed to keep a home warm with minimal sounds. Things like the whooshing of air through the air vents and the gentle click of the system turning on should be normal, but other things, especially noises that can be uncomfortable or loud to hear, should warrant a call to our team.

Rattling, Clanging, or Grinding

Rattling, clanging, and grinding noises are slightly similar but can mean different things.

  • Rattling can be a small component that’s loose, like a screw or a broken part, and it then starts bouncing around the housing of the furnace. This can compound into worse problems down the line.
  • Clanging usually happens when a larger component becomes off-kilter or broken and starts bouncing around inside the furnace’s caging. This needs to be fixed soon before it causes more problems.
  • Grinding is usually associated with a blower fan rubbing up against the walls of the system. Or, it could be a different part causing friction, but either way, it requires repairs.


Clicking is normal when it’s once to turn the system on, or another time to turn the system off. When a furnace starts clicking multiple times, enough for someone to notice it, then there’s something wrong.

This problem can usually be attributed to a broken capacitor or an electrical concern like a tripped circuit. That clicking is a signal for the system to turn on or off, but if that signal can’t get through for some reason, then it will continue to click to no avail.


A booming furnace is a pretty common occurrence, but it’s nonetheless a problem that needs to be fixed. When the burners of a furnace get gunked up with soot and grime, it can take longer for the gas to be ignited in the combustion chamber. This leads to a miniature explosion, what we hear as a “booming” sound, and it can lead to problems down the line. It’s time to contact a pro to have the system cleaned so this problem stops occurring.

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